Do You Have Trouble Remembering Where All Your Critical Security Software is ???

free nospyzone security center

Now You Can Easily Locate and Control All Your Security Software Programs In As Little As 5 Seconds With The FREE NoSpyZone Security Center!

Virus Scanners… Spyware Scanners… Browser Hijacker Scanners… Adware Scanners…

Where is all my STUFF ?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got more than one type of security scanner on your computer.

The biggest problem I had was remembering where my scanners were located when I wanted to do a scan…

It was so much hassle I didn’t use them nearly as often as I should .

Finally I got so fed up, I decided to do something about it.

I called a friend of mine who is a software developer and asked him if he could make something to help me get my Virus Scanner, Spyware Scanner, Trojan Scanner etc… organized on my computer.

He said this was a problem that he was having himself, and so between us, we brainstormed and came up with a solution.

Here’s what we needed…

Instant Access To All Scanners With One Mouseclick
So Easy To Use Even A Computer Newbie Could Use It
Drag & Drop Simplicity
One Interface For Multiple Scanners
Ability To Tell When A Scanner Was Used Last
Ability To Tell All Scanners When To Run
Ability To Move Between Scanners Easily
Ability To Add Different Scanners Instantly
Ability To Change Scanners If I Wanted To

After months of planning and trial and error, we did it… We created the perfect solution…

The NoSpyZone Security Center.

Once installed all anyone has to do is drag and drop whatever security products they want to load into the NSZ Security Center.


One simple application… One click accessiblity… so simple my grandmother could do it 🙂

Now when I want to check, run or schedule any security scan, all I have to do is click on one icon.

I can even tell each different scanner when to run and I can easily see what had already run and what hadn’t.

So then we had to decide if we wanted to sell it or give it away.

We decided that we would give it away for FREE and if anyone wanted to they could donate $5 or $10 to help with the updates, hosting fees etc.

So here it is… our gift to the world…

Hand it out or give it away, put it on your website to download for ANYONE you like with no restrictions… EXCEPT… YOU CAN’T SELL IT…

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