Choose Your High Roller Bitcoin Casino Wallet

Not a long ago, lots of gamers have switched over to the cryptocurrency usage. Bitcoins exist in the digital realm alone. Despite the government’s discontent, it can’t control it – no one actually can. It’s free and decentralized with the highest security provided.

There’s no personal data of yours involved in the transactions, only addresses. Moreover, the one more merit is that you can set up the wallet in seconds. These are the perfect terms for most of the users as you see. Gamblers see the advantages in low fees, good speed and bonuses given by operators who support it.

Bitcoin Payment System Security

In the simplest case, if you want to send a sum of BTCs to another person, you must input your address, a number and a destination. You should have a private key to forward it. This one is a numerical & alphabetical sequence that unlocks the coins.

The operation gets into a transaction block where the miners solve it. The trick is that you’ll never actually find any of Bitcoins. Everything that is kept is the history of transfers with addresses. Best bitcoin casinos for high rollers players and their funds are definitely well-protected.

Bitcoin High Roller Wallet Subdivisions

high roller bitcoin casino wallet subdivisions Your Bitcoins’ page is equivalent to a bank account. When you create one, you obtain a sequence of letters, numbers that together form your address.

You don’t have to do much to set it up. High-rollers firstly should think about the wallet type they will be comfortable with.

There are 2 basic groups: hot and cold ones. Rejoice if you desire to utilize not only a computer to work with a currency: your mobile device can handle it too.

Hot Pocket

This is an Internet-connected wallet. Usually, it’s a website or an app, but it’s achievable for foes. That’s why, we recommend you to use this option when you wish to send small amounts of BTCs. Or, employ it for regular payments. Unfortunately, with all safety measures set from the foundation, hackers hunt private keys.

Under the pretext of a program or other soft, they install viruses that steal unlocked ones. But, high-rollers shouldn’t be scared: 1 Bitcoin equals 2,500 dollars. So, the hot type is quite an appropriate pick for whales, basing on how much they spend.

Online Web Account

If you decided to create a web account, please do research in advance. The thing is that many of the online services are dangerous. As soon as you top up, they will take money from you. Thus, only 2 of them are worthy of your cash: GreenAddress and

To provide a true protection, the first variant involves a two-factor authentication – the signature is done with 2 keys. You control just one of them. The second name is perhaps the biggest known host for wallets.

Bitcoin High Roller Casino Clients

We know that it’s much more convenient to download a client onto a PC, as it will always be a few clicks away. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much memory and time for installation. Currently, there are 15 options with the most sought-after names as Mycelium, Bitcoin Core, Armory, Blocktrail and so on.

Mobile Wallet

Previously, we’ve mentioned the possibility to run your Bitcoins via a tablet, phone. Gamblers should definitely appreciate that, as they can control money anytime from a neat application. Besides, you can be sure to have the 24/7 access due to the support of Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry mobile platforms.

It’s great because high-rollers could replenish their casino balances while going home. And when they get there, nothing is to disturb them from a real cash action.

Desktop Wallet

Maybe, you’re aware of the fact that online wallets are prone to different types of cyber attacks. We advise you to store big BTCs amounts on your computer. The desktop services provide their holders with a full possible control.

The most reliable of them include multi-signatures and a very friendly interface with several languages. Remember that some of them may require you to upload the whole Blockchain network as well (100+ GB). Both experienced and not users will find them as perfect money-boxes. Bitcoin-QT, Electrum, Multibit and Armory are definitely the best candidates for your hard-earned funds.

Cold High Roller Storage

bitcoin casino wallet types for high rollers Dealing with hundreds of coins, there are some other safety measures needed. The point is that an intruder may intercept your private keys and voila – he gets all the money. It’s especially true for high-stake players.

They often spend thousands of dollars on favorite games weekly. In this instance, they should keep savings offline, so no one could rob them. This feature is the main advantage of cold storages.

It means that funds aren’t present online or on any other PC.

Physical Billfold

The term implies that the private key is hidden in a thing that you can touch. It may be a shiner with a hologram or even paper money with a password that contains the unlocker. The first metal coin was produced in 2011. Nowadays, 9 manufacturers issue these protective items.

It may be the most secure way to have your cash safe. Yet, high-rollers can be disappointed, because they always need to carry them to be able to get access to the currency. Still, it’s a working method – who knows that you own thousands of BTCs.

Hardware Store

A hardware wallet is a device that looks like a simple hard drive, often having a small screen. Of course, you should pay for it, but the price is worth it. The key is kept in an offline environment that enables whales to utilize them, even on the infected PCs. Well, some of these gadgets have little monitors that display the details and verification. These measures are there for the extra security.

The Most Secure Wallets for High Roller Bitcoin Casino

Gamblers who love playing big often turn to Bitcoin wallets. It’s a reasonable decision, as they fit for any digital purposes. A person can easily pick an option, depending on the primary task. We don’t want to advertise BTC web services and apps, but they cope very good with money transactions as long as you follow the recommendations.

Although you’re free to select any variant, consider mostly cold storages and desktop clients. If you’re sure in the safety of your private keys, then, they will justify your choice to any single Satoshi.